Concealed Emails Reveal Lies 

In Defamation Cover-Up

Ex-newspaper writer Don Martin has email problems of his own...

Email records concealed by Canada’s largest newspaper publisher for nearly five years have revealed a pattern of false testimony and suppressed evidence in defamation lawsuits arising from an article by writer-turned-TV–host Don Martin. Read more...


There’s a kind of mire obscuring our view of Alberta, Canada’s energy province.


It’s the residue of a tired, underachieving government, a political party that has been in power for far too long, forty one years and counting.


Though capable of engineering another election win, the PC party machine remains ring-fenced by appointees and patronage seekers, a network of dependants whose blind allegiance insulates the party leadership, cabinet and caucus from the dreams and everyday needs of Albertans.


This website doesn’t claim to have all the answers for Alberta's quest for a healthy political culture, free of intimidation and the politics of fear.


But we can do a little window cleaning.


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A Broken

It is a government running on empty.


That's sadly ironic given that Alberta's Progressive Conservatives are perched on a wealth of energy resources.


A once-great party of the people, the PCs have been undone by their leaders’ rigid, authoritarian ways and their rank incompetence in managing the province’s business.


The government has lurched from one policy disaster to another.


Consider the forlorn hallmarks of the Progressive Conservatives' past five years in power…


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Big Media
News Blues

They were once the proud mastheads of one of North America’s most respected newspaper chains, the Southam group.


Then Canada’s dominant urban dailies, titles like the Ottawa Citizen and the Calgary Herald, endured two painful changes of ownership.


Editorial and managerial upheavals brought on by Conrad Black (1996-2000) and Canwest’s Asper family (2000-2010) widened old fault lines and cracked open new ones.


It was this fractured landscape that produced the journalistic malpractice we chronicle in these web pages.


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Death By

It is the tactic of first and last resort for many big corporate defendants who find themselves called into court for breaking the law:  delay.


Delay, by shunning opportunities to avoid lawsuits in the first place.


Delay, by instructing lawyers to frustrate the scheduling of even the most basic pre-trial tasks.


And most cowardly of all, procedural delay:  throwing obstructions in the plaintiff’s path, and transforming the truism “justice delayed is justice denied” into a game plan.


We’ve coined a jocular tag for the practice:  Death By Lawyers.


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Court Orders Postmedia To Cease Any Further Records Deletion

A Calgary court has ordered Postmedia Network Inc., Canada’s largest newspaper publisher, to “cease any further deletion of electronic records” relevant to the two defamation lawsuits chronicled in these web pages. Read more...

Welcome To The Dark Side Of Electoral Politics

Canadians like to believe that electoral sabotage happens to other people, to the unlucky citizens of third world countries and police states. Think again. Read More....